INSPIRE seeks to pool knowledge, expertise and inter-est around Open Innovation in SMEs.

The key project objectives are to:

  • Understand in depth good practices of Open Innova-tion in SMEs, including their critical success factors and the ‘pathways’ they follow;
  • Design, develop and validate an Integrated Toolbox for OI in SMEs to enable the professional management of an Open Innovation project by an SME;
  • Communicate and disseminate findings (knowledge, tools and success stories) to a wider audience, including SMEs, innovation support intermediaries and policy-makers, as well as research communities;
  • Develop a deployment plan for an Open Innovation System for SMEs in Europe by initiating an EU-wide strategic engagement of innovation stakeholders and spreading the practice and the support of Open Innovation in SMEs in innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

pdf Brochure Inspire v02 (1.03 MB)