D.8.5 - Clustering and OI-HE Community of Practice development

The aim of this deliverable is to connect OI actors in HE community with a shared interest in the field of Open Innovation, and self-reinforcing the awareness raising both among high education institutions, companies, associations, policy makers and civil society.
Type: Other (community of practice)
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 14 (initiated) --> initiated in M09
Access to: Public.
Building the Community of Practice was initiated already in M09 not in M14 as initially planned thanks to involvement in ISPIM conference and engaging external speakers (industry representatives and policy makers) in OI-Net sessions. More and more academics, teachers, practitioners and policy makers were interested in the activities. Moreover many companies and universities have reached to OI-Net partners for guidance/coaching/guest lectures and stay in permanent touch for future initiatives and exchanging best practices. The impact is also shown by having external contributors involved in the book publishing process including Director of Open Innovation Networks at Swarovski.

Community of Practice members of the ISPIM and more specifically partnership with Teaching & Coaching Innovation SIG (Special Interest Group) & Open Innovation SIG of ISPIMhttp://ispim.org/groups-communities/teaching-coaching-innovation/ http://ispim.org/groups-communities/open-innovation/World Open Innovation Conference or Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group of the European Commission; Open Innovation Group on Facebook; FT Innovate; Academy of Management, EURAM. Participation in different round table dsicussions. 

However, one of the most imortant outcome of the Community of Practice is the OI-Net platfomr itself which already reached 40 000 users who want to learn more and exchange practices in open innovation.

  • Open Innovation workshop for Industry and Higher Education with Henry Chesbrough, May 28-29 2014, Luxembourg -

    Seminar with keynote speakers, Henry Chesbrough (“The godfather of open innovation”), industry and policy makers: Marc Hemmerling (ABBL), Thierry Goniva (IEE), Anne-Laure Mention (Public Research Centre Henri Tudor / OI-Net representative), Bror Salmelin (European Commission), Gunnar Muent (European Investment Bank), Benoit Duez (Goodyear)

  •        Workshop: Teaching and Coaching Open Innovation”-  contributors to Teaching and Coaching workshop: Session facilitators: Wim Vanhaverbeke, Professor of Strategy & Innovation Management UHasselt, Belgium and Anna Trifilova, University of Exeter, UK & Fraunhofer MOEZ, Germany, speakers: Alberto Di Minin, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy; Antero Kutvonen , Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland; Fabian S. Schlage, Head of Idea & Innovation Management, Chief Technology Officer, Nokia; Alexander Brem, Professor of Technology and Innovation Management University of Southern, Denmark

  •  Creation of OI-Net book involving external contributor
  • Hannes Erler, Swarovski Professional - article on industry insights in JIM and OI-Net Handbook - emphasizing his insightul discussions with academia during OI-Net event!

 D8 5 Clustering OI-HEC Community of Practice