D.7.9 - Outcome mapping follow up documentation and evidence materials

This deliverable provides  documentation related to quality of the OI-Net project (also related to WP6). The purpose of these documents is to serve the project quality review by European independent bodies and project reviewers, as well as by the network partners.
Type: Report
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Published every time after outcome mapping reports are published (at each full project partnership meeting).

Access to: Public

This deliverable includes documentation on the actions undertaken within outcome mapping and procedures of mapping the stakeholders of the OI in the HE and in the Knowledge Triangle, and the corresponding progress markers and their evolution: e.g. in the context of the Pilot OI courses to be implemented.

The elements translated from the outcome mapping are to be used for project awareness rising, dissemination and policy recommendations in the fields of OI in HE and the Knowledge Triangle/Quadruple helix context.