D7.7 - Workshops on OI for teachers and for HE staff.

These workshops are aimed mainly at the HE staff including researchers and teaching staff and targeted on both delivering project teaching methodologies and collecting new best practices.
Type: Event
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Every 6 months.
Access to: Public
  • OI-Net workshops are effective way to reach a certain group of partners. With them it is possible to focus on the current issues that the open innovation society is dealing with.  
    It is important that the open innovation teaching personnel maintains high level of awareness of newest trends in open innovation research, methods, education and tools.
  • Among teachers we expect to invite high-level experts both from within project network and outside of it.
  • The feedback from the workshops is to be used to improve the Common CUrricula Framework and to develop it to the highest standards of quality. Besides, regular workshops support the creation and the further development of a stable OI platform, which could be self-sustainable beyond project duration.
  • Scope of this dissemination activity is assessed through the number of participants at the events.

List of OI-Net workshops: