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D7.6 - Seminars and Conferences on OI.

This includes seminars and conferences organised both by OI-Net project and other international organisations of our partner network serving the purpose of delivering the information about the project as wide as possible.
Type: Event
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Semi-annual project conferences, additional seminars during project duration.
Access to: Public
  • OI-Net seminars and conferences will be one of the most important deliverables of the project.
    • It will promote the networking activities but also a way to disseminate the project information and aims, and get people focus on the most important issues in OI and OI education.
    • The conferences withing OI-Net will be organised twice a year requiring presence of all participants, and targeting internal dissemination. Besides, the participation to one of these two yearly conferences is extended to external actors targeting public dissemination.
    • To maximise the value, conferences may be organised in parallel with well-established innovation management events such as e.g.ISPIM.
  • Among the events to attend are seminars, conferences and fairs targeting different project target groups, such as: education fairs (e.g. EDUCA), business forums etc..