D7.4 - OI-Net promotional materials

The promotional material include, i.a.: leaflets, brochures, kakemonos/posters, project newsletters. Their aim is to raise the awareness of the project and to boost an interest to the content, project events and results.
Type: Other (Promotional materials)
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 1 + ongoing update.
Access to: Public

The promotional material have been revised a few times during project duration to reflect ongoing status of the project, starting from goals and aims and concluding with results. This also helps the public better understand the EU perspective regarding the EU competitiveness and education development in relation with OI.

The OI-Net newsletter is released weekly using paper.li solution. The purpose of newsletter will be not only to update on the project content development, but also to reflect important events happening in the field of open innovation research, education and business application.

For partners, dissemination templates including logo, presentations, business card templates can be found in Partner Repository Dissemination and Report templates

Apart from that the project produced:

  • Book promotion leaflet
  • USB Pens and A6 Notebokos
  • OI-Net sweets
  • Executive reports in A5 format.



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