D.7.2 - OI-Net website

OI-Net website is one of the most essential communication channels of the OI-Net partners and the OI-Net community.
Type: Report
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 1 + ongoing.
Access to: Public, Restricted to other programmes

It obviously presents internet pages distributing general project information for network partners and public audience; and it also includes an intranet function only for project partners to distribute material related to curricula and courses' development. It also provides an access to the OI-Net library platform (D8.2.). The intranet function can be extended with supplementary access levels to include the various levels of members to be added to the OI-Net community of practice.

The website includes links to the homepages of OI-Net project partners. MAC-Team maintains the web facilities and the OIP on its servers beyond the project duration to support the sustainability.

The intranet allows the network of partners to access any project documents in real time avoiding numerous email exchanges and hence optimising the time-use for coordination and administration of the project.
Furtheremore, in order to maintain the innovative character and support the development of innovative ICT-based contents, social media tools will be included on the plateform with the possibility to also implement LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts.