D.6.3 - OI-Net Outcome Mapping architecture: in 2 parts (public and restricted)

The OI-Net outcome mapping architecture defines the outcome mapping elements in relation to OI, to the Knowledge Triangle and Quadruple Helix challenges. It also aims at providing a generic framework to help OI-Net community members map their boundary partners and the corresponding progress markers to implement OI-Net outcomes in their own enivronment/context and share back to the OI-Net community.

The OI-Net Outcome Mapping Architecture:

  • Identifies the various stakeholders of the OI in the HE and in the Knowledge Triangle
  • Maps of the stakeholders in the various spheres (eventually depending on the time) and their relations and progress markers (which are essentially qualitative ones and different from the key performance indicators of WP1, which are more quantitative).
  • Defines frames/templates to facilitate translation of Outcome Mapping into elements for evidence building, for awareness raising, for dissemination/sustainability purposes, and for policy recommendation or support.in the field of OI in HE.

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Type: Report
Language: EN
Delivery date(s):
    • Month 6
    • On-going update and presentation at each full partnership meeting..

Access to: Public, Restricted to other programme participants