D.5.4 - Pedagogical guidelines & guidance to HE Teachers and to HEI's governance for OI HE

This deliverable report aims to provide pedagogical guidelines for higher education institutes, guidance for teachers on new curricula on OI and technical documentation on implementing OI curricula into HE process (guidance to governance).

Type: Report
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 19; Final Launch: 28.
Access to: Public, Restricted to other programmes.
  • The preliminary version will be available already in Month 19, based on the output of D5.1 (self-evaluation questionnaire) and applied in the 1st pilot open innovation curricula.
    The report will also be based on the finding from the other work packages.
    After the 1st and 2nd pilot curricula and gathered feedback from the students (via questionnaire) as well as by involvement of all OI-Net members, the final version of the report will be available for public access.
  • Methodology will be elaborated in order to analyze the results of the pilot case on OI curricula.
    The list of indicators will be proposed and the results would be graded according to these indicators.
    Guidelines and transferability recommendations will be generated from that process and be improved on a continus basis as pilots are developing.
    OI-Net partners will provide feedback on these guidelines (especially the OI-Net members willing to already join the pilot phase at its second stage.


  • These results will be used to implement workshops / training for HEIs teachers and governance on how to deploy OI curricula using the CCF and the OIP.
    These workshops represent a key leverage for future deployment and exploitation.
    This Training of teachers and governance actors at HEIs is not to train the actors on their field of experience, but to provide practical awareness and guidance on how to use, implement and extend/enhance the OI curricula, the OIP and observatory/clustering process for OI in HE.
    It will contribute to community building, to peer system at HE level, to sustainability process, and to Education and HE Policy support at European level. This output is important to accompany and empower other HEIs and OI-Net members in deploying OI curricula and OI in curricula further.
    These workshops have been included under the dissemination work package (to as well been built further on as part of an information toolkit to trainers and HE staff).

Here is a link to the report: D5.4 OI-Net Pedagogical Guidelines for Teaching Open Innovation