D.5.2 - European Common Curricula Framework (CCF) and its validation (elements for the Open Innovation Platform)

This deliverable will provide: the structure and syllabus for teaching open innovation in Europe in HE system with the output from WP2, WP 3 and WP 4 and contribution of consortium partners via Open Innovation Platform.
This European Common Curricula Framework on Open Innovation will be presented in several versions from the full open innovation curricula to syllabus for validating units or modules to be included in existing curricula and training at the HE level.

Type: Report, Other (course, CCF)
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Months 19; 24; 28, and Final Launch: 32.
Access to: Public, Restricted to other programmes.
  • Based on the results of the previous working packages, a general meeting will be held with representatives from the consortium (first, in Porto, Portugal, Month 19) in view of confirming and further improving the syllabus. This meeting will also aim at engaging the partners to ensure that they share a common understanding and vision on the content and modules. Ultimately, it will also be used as an input to improve / amend the training material developed in WP4, through an iterative approach.
  • The CCF will cover case studies, IPR topics and other materials and tools developed in WP3 and WP4.
    It will provide categorazied OI materials based on the industry specific, level of study (bachelor, master), intensity (full year, semester, intensive course etc) that OI-Net members could customize for their own use.
    During the project, the preliminary CCF will be validated by the members of the OI-Net consortium via OI Platform and during workshops.
  • The final version will be launched on on month 32 during the full partnership meeting in Finland, 2016. With the possibility for permanent collection of materials and teaching tools beyond the project duration. All in all, the CCF will allow educators to access the pool of teaching material and guidelines, which helps introducing younger faculty to teaching and ensures sustainability within each university.
  • The CCF developed during the project will be available for free re-use by all OI-Net members and beyond, and will be sustained via the OI-Net web platform.