D.4.3 - Indicators and progress markers for OI in HE

The deliverable "Indicators and progress markers for OI in HE" aims on the constructing the checklists for OI curricula and content of the education programme.
Type: Report, Other
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Months 26.
Access to: Public + Restricted to other programmes + Confidential

This deliverable includes:

  1. The methodology for analysis of the curricula on OI in HE, specifying the indicators and progress markers of the developed curricula;
  2. The indicators and factors influencing the curricula, like geography or region, cultural and language aspect, the age of the students, social factors, etc.
  3. List of indicators and/or progress markers characterising the OI, Innovation and Global Innovation management curricula as a whole and separate parts in order to be able to apply the separate blocks for the improved curricula.

The various "Dissemination levels" reflect the type of information to be made available to large audience.
Usually, these types of progress markers are not often made public; however, the OI-Net network wants to open key points to a larger audience to support community building and demonstrate a leading role in that area at European and international level.
Part of this report will be also used by the partnership to contribution to conferences and publications.

These indicators and progress markers will also be re-used in the synthesis of WP8 for global policy recommendations and for HEI governance involving OI.

Click here to download the report:  D4.3 List of indicators and progress markers characterizing OI (Open Innovation), Innovation and Global Innovation management curricula