D.3.3 - Open Innovation Platform specification

This deliverable  helps to define the on-line collaborative space on the OI-Net intranet specifications and requirements for community building, as well as the related expectation and tools (including workshops and social-medias to be deployed in WP7-Dissemination and WP8-Sustainability/Exploitation).
First, during the full partenrship meeting, the feedback was gatehred on the specifications of OI-Net platform, later, the survey was developed to further analyze the user requirements. Based on the analysis of user requirements, the OI-Net platform has been improved and  report has been produced D3.3 Open Innovation Platform Specifications
Type: Report, Other
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 14
Access to: Public + Restricted to other programmes + Confidential 

It has begun with identification, evaluation and selection of a combination of online and mobile solutions to support multi-channel communication strategy.
The community building activities will start simultaneously with mapping the actors – higher education institutions, individuals employed in HEIs in Europe and partners involved in OI-Net– and inviting them to take an online survey on the content that they would like to access via the online and/or mobile tools.

Partners involved in OI-Net will be also responsible to distribute the survey to appropriate players in their local countries. The deliverables will include the specification and Quality of Service (QoS) indicators to set up and to launch the communication tools to support the community building to further lead to the Community of Practice (CoP) on OI in HE to be fully exploited in WP8.

The report consists of three parts and is avaiable to download D3.3 Open Innovation Platform Specifications

  1. a technical manual for the use of the communication tools,
  2. an online survey on the desirable content