D.3.2 - Report on monitored IPR in OI for HE and for the OI Platform (using D1.5 plan/rules)

The protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is crucial for the adoption and success of open innovation. Without IP protection firms would resort to secrecy and other informal mechanisms to prevent competitors from misappropriating their innovations. However, the protection of IP is a complex legal topic, and is closely intertwined with the management of innovation in open environments. IP licensing and acquisitions are the main tools for open innovation and mastering these tools is critical for the success of open innovation.

OI-Net aims to further improve teaching open innovation in Higher Education in Europe by – among other things – developing open innovation platform and building a Community of Practice.

This report provides summary of the operational and digital right management issues related to Community of Practice and sharing/uploading of cases and teaching materials as well as overall IP governance related to Open Innovation. The IPR issues in this document will apply mainly when looking at business cases

Type: Report, Product
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 10 --> M4 (Partnership agreement and clearing house of IPR) M36--> Report on IPR mechanisms in OI.
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