D.3.1 - Collection of best practice cases from partners

A dedicated survey instrument will be designed to collect harmonized information on best open innovation cases across Europe, targeting both participating, non-participating HEI and private sector firms applying OI.
Type: Report, Product, Other
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 6
Access to: Public 

 It will cover:

  1. Rationales for engaging into open innovation;
  2. Partner selection mechanisms and governance mechanisms implemented and
  3. Effects and impact (positive and negative) of open innovation.

The collected data will serve as a basis for analysing similarities and dissimilarities and will constitute practical illustrations of open innovation cases.
The deliverable includes:

  1. Survey template that can be used for data collection in a continuous way;
  2. Conventional report summarizing and comparing the cases obtained followed by chapters describing essential features of the collected cases, grouped by certain selection criteria;
  3. Presentations of the cases that can be included into training material and will be classified so that they can be easily identified for the "a la carte" training module and also focusing on failure cases of open innovation implementation;
  4. The summary discussing similarities and dissimilarities between the cases will be presented at specialist workshop/conference and later published in a peer reviewed academic journal.

The collection of cases from partners is avaiable in OI-Net Library ( http://oi-net.eu/m-public-library-front/m-repository-view) also the Library includes collection of cases from other sources with relevant links (http://oi-net.eu/m-public-library-front/m-oinet-cases-view).