D.2.1 - Survey on Industrial Needs for Open innovation education in Europe

To enable teaching open innovation on the basis of actual industry needs, a collection and categorization of innovation management needs of the key European industries are gathered and collated with segmentation based on country, industry and sector of operation. The need identification and collection process is developed and described as part of this deliverable D2.1.

Type: Questionnaire 
Language: EN
Delivery date(s): Month 3
Access to: Public

The selection of key industries included to the need identification process is done based on first country and then statistical economic significance.

  • First, each member country in the academic network is viewed from publicly available statistics (Eurostat) and the top 6-10 industries in terms of contribution to national GDP are selected.
  • From each industry at least one (depending on industry structure) representative company is selected by the national partners of the network and approached with the developed survey by the local network partner thus allowing concurrent, localized collection of needs.

The survey is developed to gather needs and information essential to developing the OI curriculum and recommendations for subsequent customization to different segments and will cover the following broad topic areas:

  1. Current state of open innovation adoption in the industry
  2. Perceived importance of open innovation for the industry currently and in the near future (10 year timespan)
  3. Current level of open innovation knowledge and skills with industry employees
  4. Needed set of skills for fresh graduates in open innovation context
  5. Other industry needs for higher education in the open innovation framework

The survey is designed so that it will continue to serve as a continuous standardized need collection form that will be utilized to update the curricula in accordance with changing industry needs and developments in the OI theory.

The full questionnaire will be published and constitute the core of the deliverable D2.1.