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This post provides information on how to register and create your account to the present OI-Net platform ( ).
This user account that you create gives you access to the intranet (OI-Net repository), to the Forum and to the OI-Net network social media. In addition, some information (web articles, documents in the library...) may be only visible/accessible thanks to that account (in opposition to the general public documents).

First go to the OI-Net network page to create your user account...

Input the first basic data:
Remark: for your username:
  • use only latin alphabet (a-z, A-Z, @-_ 1,2,3...)
  • no accent éçà…
  • No blank space

In parallel to the registration process, after clicking “Next” you receive a first email as a reminder of your credentials. Only you see those login and passwords (your password is not accessible to the administrator even).

Account details - step 2
Please fill in the following fields with the most relevant information. The emails you insert in your profile are not published.

Privacy: You can choose a higher level of privacy of your information for each of the information by clicking on the corresponding small lock.

Step 3 - You may upload your picture:
Only if you want, but partners will recognize you more easily.
You also may skip it and do it later (but let's do it directly, you will save time :) )

Then you can finalize your registration and you should have the message:

BUT... don't forget to validate your email address:
You should have received a second email with a link to click

Finally... just wait that the administrator wakes up and receives the confirmation of your email. Then you account will be activated.
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