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7 years 9 months ago #54 by Tymen Jissink
Having filled in the survey (except submitting, which did not work for me, see my other topic on this issue), I have found several points that could benefit from some minor adjustments.

First, the textboxes for filling in curriculum details (when you answer "yes" on when open innovation is an explicit topic), are very small. It provides the respondents with very little oversight of what has been filled in; it is rather difficult to distinguish sentences and lists in these textboxes. I would suggest to make these textboxes wider (not necessarily taller) to give some more oversight in text editing to the benefit of both the respondent and receiver. While this would widen the entire quesitonnaire (when the hidden fields are shown), I would suggest to place the hidden fields below the initial filled in course details, rather than to the right. It is more convenient to scroll up/down than horizontal.

This brings me to the second point, formatting support in textboxes. For instance, inserting a list of topics is troublesome. Most online course catalogues offer such lists with bullet points or other formatting, but the textboxes do not support such formatting. This leads to messy entries and makes it hard for the respondent and receiver of the questionnaire to distinguish such lists. Adding the support for such formatting would be great, for both the respondent and receiver.

Third and last, the survey does not allow you to delete a course other than the last one. Although the option of hiding (i.e. deleting) the last row (course) allows you to delete just that, the last one, you do not have the option to delete a specific course (i.e. the 2nd course when you have filled in 6). This could be an issue when a respondent feels that a certain course he/she filled in before does not seem relevant for submitting anymore.

I hope you appreciate the feedback and perhaps implement some minor adjustments to the issues outlined above.
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7 years 8 months ago #58 by Yves Boisselier
Thank you for your feedback. :-)
Concerning the first point, there is a possibility in the form to enlarge each box individually when needed, as for instance:

Which then could for instance be resized to:

I hope it can help.

Concerning the second point, so far there is not the possibility to include a full editor function into each box. We are still looking to see how to improve that. In addition we could for instance add an upload function to add a supplementary document (pdf, zip...).
For the third point, it is effectively not possible to delete intermediary rows. However, we could add a tick box for the respondent to ask us to delete (or to ignore) the corresponding row.

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