Renewing policy for uni-industry collaboration

7 years 2 weeks ago #62 by Antero Kutvonen
Following up on the January session at the OI-Net kick-off, we would like to open a topic of discussion around renewing policy governing university-industry collaboration. Clearly, most modern policies are built on traditional uni-directional views of knowledge transfer thus overemphasizing (and -monitoring) direct IPR commercialization by universities as the key mode of interaction to industry.

The main question is:
How should policy be updated - which guidelines would offer a way towards an approach to account for open innovation and support bi-directional knowledge transfer in university-industry relations?

There are many sub-topics that go into it:

1) What is the real effect of the "marketization" of research by funding instruments forcing (international) collaboration with firms in research on highly applied topics (such as with many innovation actions in H2020)?

2) Are there innovative ways of looking at IPR that might enable more balanced and productive relations between universities and firms of all sizes?

3) Is there even a real increase in university-industry collaboration out there, or is it a statistical illusion coming from more effective monitoring and reporting?

4) What are the factors governed by policy that currently inhibit making the most out of university-industry relationships?

Answers and thoughts to all the above questions are valued, as well as comments generally to the topic.
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