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8 years 5 months ago #44 by Yves Boisselier
To be compliant with the new EU regulation, and opt-in function is implemented on the OI-Net website for any visitor.
The privacy and cookies policy is available on that article " Privacy policy " that you also may read when being asked to opt in or out for OI-Net cookies.

The cookies uses are only there to facilite and enhance functionalities of the website (mostly session cookies or third parties cookies), and to enable analytics on the website in the perspective of quality assurance and performance monitoring.
Any information collected by the OI-Net website is not given out for any commercial activities (anyway we already have all the data of the OI-Net members). So we encourage you to accept the cookies to make sure you don't face difficulties if you want to fully use all the functionalities of the website and its social networking and survey tools.

Once you have indicated your choice (opt-in or opt-out), a small green (if you opt-in/accepted) cooky will be displayed in the bottom left corner of your browse as shown here below. If you click on that cooky you can modify your choice at any time.

If you use different computers or different browser, you may be requested to indicate your choice for each of these computers/browsers (normally only once per computer/browser).

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