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1. Log in:
You can upload a document when you are logged in (after entering your login and password using the "login" function at the top right corner of the webpage).

2. Go to the Library folder
Once your are logged in, you will find the library as indicated in the picture here below.

Remark: you can see that other menu possibilities appeared as well in the main menu after being logged in, for instance "Partner repository" under the "OI-Net Project", which corresponds to the intranet folder for the partners.

3. Example of Libray folder
In the picture here below, we are located in the sub-folder "OI reports and surveys" of the public library folder. At the bottom of the website, you can find the "breadcrumb" which indicates the full path of the sub-folder. This "breadcrumb" is composed of various hyperlinks that you can use to go back to upper levels. Below that "breacrumb", you find the simplified navigation menu of the library.
  • "Download home" brings you back to the root of the library.
  • "Search documents" provides you with a tool to search for documents within the library and the sub-folders you have access to depending on your access rights.
  • "Submit file" gives you the possibility to upload document into the library.

4. Type of files
You can upload pdf, txt, jpg, png, gif, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, ods, odp, odg, rar and zip files. Especially, if you have large documents, please zip them before uploading them.

5. To upload a file
When you click on the "Submit file" button, you will be brought to the following screen:

The most usual option to select a file you want to upload into the library is "upload a file from your computer". It will enable you to select a file which is located on your computer and that you want to upload on the website.
Then select "Next" to go to the following step where you can select the file to upload.

6. Select your file
Here you can select the file you want to upload as shown below.

Then click "Upload", the button a the bottom right of the selection space.

7. After upload of the file to the server
After you clicked on the "Upload" button, then you have the following screen with the progress bar in green of the upload process. When the transfer of the file from your computer to the server is finished, then you can finalize the information on the file that will appear in the library.

8. Choose the folder in the library
Choose the location where you want to store the file in the repository; and provide a short description if needed.
If you need to store a document in a folder which doesn't exist yet, then: a°) store your document in the top folder where you need to have that new missing folder to be created; b°) ask yb [-at-] mac-team,eu to create the new folder (indicate: the title of the folder; into which folder it should be inserted; eventually a short description of that folder; and the document which should be transferred there).

9. Enter a short description (if needed)
For the short description, you may use that supplementary function:

10. Set access right
If you want to make your document visible by anyone (wide public access), you have to select "everybody" instead of "Partners" in the "Viewers" option, AND to make sure that the folder you select is part of the "Public library" group, which is the public access library.

11. Bravo!
When you saved the submission of your file, you should have that type of screen:
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