How to ... insert a link into a web article?

5 years 5 months ago #19 by yboisselier
1. You can insert a link into a web article when you are creating or editing a web article. (see the "How to..." on the creation of a web article).

2. In the series of icons of the edition window of the web article, you will have to identify the one corresponding to the "link" creation or edition. It is represented by two horizontal links of a chain as shown in the pic here below.
Remark 1: just nearby you will find a broken chain icon; that icon is to delete the link information where your cursor is positioned on the text in the edition window.
Remark 2: if you want to modify an existing link, first you have to be positioned anywhere on that existing link in the edition window, then you have to click on the "link" icon. The link popup window as shown here below will then appear.

3. More configuration details to configure a link are indicated here below.
Remark: the supplementary tabs "Advanced" and "Popups" are very seldom used. You don't need to modify them.

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