How to ... create an article on the website?

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1°) You have to log on using your login and password (click on the "login" button at the top right corner of the web page, or log in via the OI-Net network social media menu).

2°) Click on "Submit an Article" located in the footer of the web page after you successfully logged on. (see print screen here below)

3°) After clicking on "Submit an Article", an input screen appears as shown here below.

4°) Insert your data and format them (for details on format see separate topics on the forum).
Get prepared before starting input your article, and have ready:
  • A short title (not too long and not too general).
  • A short two-lines introduction (after which you will insert a "read more" by clicking on the corresponding button at the position where your cursor is located in your text.
  • A picture, that you will upload and resize it later on. Generally you will insert that image to illustrate the content and attract the reader.
  • A short content: about half a page; not too long sentences; using bullet points ...
  • Some references, source indication, links...
  • Eventually some documents to attach (and which will provide the extended information to the reader once he/she has read the short content).

  • 4-a) Make sure to select the right menu / sub-menu where you want to publish your article in the website. To do so, go to the "Publishing" section of this input screen and select the appropriate "Category" in the list.
  • 4-b) Make sure to select "Public" in the same "Publishing" section if you want to make your article visible to the wide public audience.
  • 4-c) Don't forget to click on the "Save" button located at the top of the input screen. After clicking on "Save", you will be brought back to the home page with a short message displayed under the banner image "Article successfully submitted". If you need / want to edit further your article, you will find it at the place you attached in the website (i.e. the "category" you indicated as menu/sub-menu in the "publishing" section as indicate above).

5°) Finally, your article may not be visible / accessible to the wider audience as all articles are moderated by the editing committee before open publication.
As author of your own article, you may see it and modify it; but your article needs to be published by the editing team. So if you need an urgent on-line push of your article, you may contact MAC-Team (Yves) or LUT (Justyna).
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