How to ... include a picture inside a web article?

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1°) You can insert a picture into a web article when you are creating or editing a web article. (see the "How to..." on the creation of a web article).

2°) When inserting a picture for its first time into a web article, you may use either of the two buttons "Image" located below the edition window or the icon "image" located in the series of icons at the top of the edition window. That second option provides more options and is better for re-editing a picture.

3°) If your picture doesn't exist yet in the picture library, you may upload it that way:

Selection of the folder where to store the picture:

Selection of the file on your computer and upload process:

Selection of the uploaded picture and definition of the main parameters before insertion into your web article:

4°) Finally, you may have to re-edit your picture once inserted into your web article in order to define the right display size or to modify the position of your picture relatively to the text:
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