How to overcome the challenges to open innovation

6 years 8 hours ago #106 by larspercy
Open innovation is an important factor needed to develop the organizational skills which in turn help to enhance the individual value and empowers an organization to achieve short term goals which are necessary for the success of an organization among its competitors. And for an organization to attain the benefits of open innovation, we should overcome a number of operational and cultural challenges. Open innovation online learning programs play an important role to overcome from these operational and cultural challenges.

The top three obstacles to the successful implementation of open innovation programs are:
  • How to manage intellectual property issues and other legal risks
  • How to process ideas quickly, effectively and efficiently
  • How to establish an efficient internal structure

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2 years 2 months ago #143 by bmalkawi
Managing IP issues and other legal issues in an open innovation platform is very important. These IP issues include copyright and patent issues. These are the most relevant. Bashar H. Malkawi

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