6 areas of innovation that can be learnt

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There is lots of research supporting the claim that innovation can be learnt, just like any other discipline. In this article the author takes a look at what innovation management training really means to an organization, as well as examine 6 areas of innovation that can be learnt. It is necessary for middle management and more junior level employees to get the skills needed how to be innovative, rather than a the top management telling the organization to become more innovative, without supplying the tools and techniques.

The below six areas of innovation are six examples of areas that we focus on our online learning innovation programs that can be taught:

1. Knowing how to identify and sort ideas 
2. What are the available channels, tools and resources
3. Business plan elements – to ensure the idea can get a proper evaluation
4. Stakeholder buy-in – to prevent premature death of ideas
5. Development planning – the next step after the business plan
6. Building inter-personal relationships

For more information please visit www.innovationmanagement.se

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