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Being Innovative (BI) is an effective online learning innovation program offered by IMD which helps you drive innovation in your organization more successfully – by providing insights into the lessons of successful innovators, and by highlighting the limitations of current managerial models in today’s world of constant change and uncertainty.

Being Innovative will enable you to:
  • Understand why traditional and familiar business models are no longer reliable in today’s business context
  • Master new approaches to thinking about innovation, to craft better strategy in the face of great uncertainty
  • Acquire conceptual frameworks to make your innovation management skills and strategic thinking more effective
  • Identify partners who will be influential in creating the future you will be competing in
  • Employ prototyping as a way of taking bigger chances without incurring bigger risk
  • Hone your personal idea hunting skills
  • Develop leadership insights for dealing with great uncertainty
  • Maximize the talent contributions of those around you
  • Launch a coherent and innovative proposal in your current work environment

For more online learning innovation sessions , please visit program page.

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