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Don't forget that you can see the list of participants attending the Budapest meeting.
Participant list is visible to connected members of the...
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Monique LANDY Yves, did you inform Katja and our partners that I doubt I'll be fit to go to Budapest (doctors and husband say no!!!!) 4 years ago
Yves Boisselier Yes Monique, I informed Katja, Simona and Sandra as well. Greetings from all see you soon fit and strong 4 years ago

Dear Yves,
I can't fill in to the platform the doc questionnaire received via email. It said error 403.
Please help!

Yves Boisselier Laura, it is fine by now. I has been off a fews hours today after the implementation of the new search and concatenated list of the results for the... Show more 5 years ago

For those speaking French, a new MOOC on creative design thinking by fBS mooc.france-bs.com/penseedesign/ - feeling excited

Yves Boisselier is friends with Michael Dell

Yves Boisselier replied to the topic 'Content-check errors when submitting' in the forum. 5 years ago

Sorry for the late reply... I only saw your post today!
You are right, but in the meantime these errors have been solved. :-)
Let us know if you have still problem with it.

Yves Boisselier thanks user 'tymenjissink' in the forum message ' Layout and formatting'. 5 years ago

Yves Boisselier replied to the topic 'Layout and formatting' in the forum. 5 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. :-)
Concerning the first point, there is a possibility in the form to enlarge each box individually when needed, as for instance:

[File Attachment: box-small-600.jpg]

Which then could for instance be resized to:

[File Attachment: box-large-500.jpg]

I hope it can help.

Concerning the second point, so far there is not the possibility to include a full editor function into each box. We are still looking to see how to improve that. In addition we could for instance add an upload function to add a supplementary document (pdf, zip...).
For the third point, it is effectively not possible to delete intermediary rows. However, we could add a tick box for the respondent to ask us to delete (or to ignore) the corresponding row.

Justyna Dabrowska Hi Tymen,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's highly appreciated and we'll definitely take it under consideration.
5 years ago

The server was down for 15 minutes this morning due to a network failure at the global online.net provider. sorry for that!

Yves Boisselier thanks user 'justi_dab' in the forum message ' Skills and competencies needed in the research'. 5 years ago