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Don't forget that you can see the list of participants attending the Budapest meeting.
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Monique LANDY Yves, did you inform Katja and our partners that I doubt I'll be fit to go to Budapest (doctors and husband say no!!!!) 2 years ago
Yves Boisselier Yes Monique, I informed Katja, Simona and Sandra as well. Greetings from all see you soon fit and strong 2 years ago

Dear Yves,
I can't fill in to the platform the doc questionnaire received via email. It said error 403.
Please help!

Yves Boisselier Laura, it is fine by now. I has been off a fews hours today after the implementation of the new search and concatenated list of the results for the... Show more 3 years ago

For those speaking French, a new MOOC on creative design thinking by fBS mooc.france-bs.com/penseedesign/ - feeling excited

Yves Boisselier is friends with Michael Dell

Yves Boisselier replied to the topic 'Content-check errors when submitting' in the forum. 3 years ago

Sorry for the late reply... I only saw your post today!
You are right, but in the meantime these errors have been solved. :-)
Let us know if you have still problem with it.

Yves Boisselier thanks user 'tymenjissink' in the forum message ' Layout and formatting'. 3 years ago
Yves Boisselier replied to the topic 'Layout and formatting' in the forum. 3 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. :-)
Concerning the first point, there is a possibility in the form to enlarge each box individually when needed, as for instance:

[File Attachment: box-small-600.jpg]

Which then could for instance be resized to:

[File Attachment: box-large-500.jpg]

I hope it can help.

Concerning the second point, so far there is not the possibility to include a full editor function into each box. We are still looking to see how to improve that. In addition we could for instance add an upload function to add a supplementary document (pdf, zip...).
For the third point, it is effectively not possible to delete intermediary rows. However, we could add a tick box for the respondent to ask us to delete (or to ignore) the corresponding row.

Justyna Dabrowska Hi Tymen,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It's highly appreciated and we'll definitely take it under consideration.
3 years ago

The server was down for 15 minutes this morning due to a network failure at the global online.net provider. sorry for that!

Yves Boisselier thanks user 'justi_dab' in the forum message ' Skills and competencies needed in the research'. 3 years ago

The agenda of the Barcelona meeting for the Day 2 (Friday 11 April 2014) has been updated

Yves Boisselier created a new topic ' OpenCourseWare sources on Open Innovation' in the forum. 3 years ago

When searching for courses on Open Innovation for the survey, we found elements of courses / presentations / courses on Open Innovation on the OCW - OpenCourseWare consortium.

Have a look at the article with the identified list as of March 2014.

  • Any ideas about these courses? and how to assess them?
  • Any possibility of identifying more contributors to invite to our network?
  • Any suggestions on the opportunity of posting information on OI-Net results... to get higher visibility there as well (and when?).
Please post comments / feedbacks here!

Yves Boisselier created a new topic ' Submit and Save buttons in the on-line surveys' in the forum. 3 years ago

For long or rich on-line surveys on the OI-Net website, 2 different buttons "SAVE" and "SUBMIT" have been introduced on each questionnaire as shown in the page extract here below:

[File Attachment: save-submit-buttons-circle.jpg]

SAVE button: it enables you to save your data where you are in the form without doing any validation. Like that you can start and stop filling in a questionnaire depending on your availability or time constraints. And later, once you have input all the required data, then you Submit your data.

SUBMIT button: you have to use it when you have input all your data and when you want to send the finalized data to OI-Net. It will tell us, "my data are ready, please take them into account in your survey". When you click on the "Submit" button, the system will also check all the data to make sure you have provided all the mandatory information of the questionnaire.

Remark: DON'T USE THE "SAVE" Button IF YOU DO ANONYMOUS INPUT. Indeed, if you decided to do anonymous input, the system will not be able to identify you as the provider of the information, and therefore, will not be able to connect your data with you next visit. If you want to benefit of the "Save" function, you need to be logged in with your OI-Net member account. see "Anonymous vs Registered"

Yves Boisselier created a new topic ' Anonymous vs Registered' in the forum. 3 years ago

All the public questionnaires on the OI-Net website can be answered anonymously to ensure privacy of respondents.

However, if you answer anonymously, it has several drawbacks or discomfort on your side.

If you reply as a Registered user / Member of the OI-Net community, then some of your benefits:

  • you can input your answers in several steps (you can save and come back later to finish answering your form).
  • you will also have access to the repository of the OI-Net Community.
  • you will not have to re-enter your organisation or contact details if you want to participate to further surveys, papers or events.
  • you can receive feedbacks on the whole survey if you opt for it.

In addition, the data provided such as the e-mails of the user account filling-in the data is only for internal use and is not given to any third party.

So, if you are not yet an OI-Net Community member, please feel free to register following that procedure, and welcome!.

Yves Boisselier created a new topic ' WP4 survey on Existing Curricula is online' in the forum. 3 years ago

Simona Lache has launched the WP4 survey on-line. This Survey has been designed by the WP4 team.

It aims at collecting information on existing Innovation Management courses, on Open Innovation Management courses or on innovation Management courses which specifically include Open Innovation components.

A short description of the survey is available in the WP4 space.

This survey will be permanently on-line as it can be the basis to also generate a future compendium of the courses related to Open Innovation. So, you are more than encouraged to make known and promote your Innovation and Open Innovation courses! :-)
Contributors to the survey are able to edit their courses at any time. So if you provide information, you can still come back in several months and update it!

If you have any questions related to the content of this survey, please feel free to post your questions/contributions to this topic, or to contact Simona Lache directly.

If you have questions on the technical on-line aspect of the survey, you may post your contribution/question to the corresponding Support forum: "Online Surveys on the OI-Net website". There, you also may find various hints on the behavior of the form (buttons...).